Lake Como
Waterfront apartments on Como Lake
Price: 1.470.000,00 €
In the city of Laglio on "Riva Romantica" on Como lake we would like to offer you with proud this exclusive apartments for sale in a newly built luxury residence. They are located in an area characterized by quantity of historic villas and expensive buildings, as well as the park, having special ecological value.


110 - 220 Sqm
2 - 4
  • Ref. Code: 160
  • Property type: Apartment
  • City: Laglio
  • Province: Como
  • Region: Lombardy
  • External size: 110 - 220 Sqm
  • N° of rooms: n.d.
  • Annex: Частный док, парковочное место для лодки с причалом
  • Details: Частный пляж, гараж для лодки c системой “dry boat”
  • Access: с улицы
  • Condition: New construction
  • Position: On the waters of Como Lake
  • Water: Подключеноо
  • Telephone: Подключено
  • Gas: Yes
  • Heating: Yes
  • Land: Yes


Having left the car in the garage above the apartments, you leave the Regina Highway and descend towards the living units. The relationship between man and traffic changes instantly, leaving space for nature: your eyes fall upon and establish a new protagonist, the lake. When catching a first glimpse of the lake, you are still far from and higher than the water, and it is during the descent that a relationship is born between man, water, rock and greenery, which strongly characterises the location. The architectural quality guarantees that the building performs to a high level, resulting from both a careful selection of materials and research into the building technologies used in the project. The design of the buildingês envelope and fixtures render its construction perfectly –contemporary” and in line with passive homes typical of sustainable architecture, with attention paid to energy consumption and reducing emissions. A building culture for contemporary homes, which combines sustainability, drastic reduction of energy costs and a perfect climatisation of the rooms. The intervention also takes care of the area in environmental terms, through the planning of green spaces, which are fundamental for the project to be a success. The planting of botanical species, starting with local varieties, is being studied, and using greenery to hide the service areas is foreseen, to leave the building as natural a backdrop as possible. At lake level, up to the same height as the adjacent boathouses, there is access from the water. A typical element of the architecture of Lake Como, the boathouse is situated underneath the building. The entrance, positioned to the south, is protected by a wall, needed to shelter it from northerly winds. The special feature of the boathouse is that it will –dry store” boats; one can, therefore, using an elevator system, reach an upper level designed to store owned boats without disembarking. There will be ten spaces for boats. There will be a connection from the boathouse to the residential floors and car park above through a central lift. The adjacent private beach is a further added value of the resort.
  • Como 10 km
  • Милан 90 км
  • Milan 50 km
  • Милан-Мальпенса 100 км
  • Lugano Agno 45 minutes

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