Houses in Sardinia

Sardinia – an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located to the west of the Apennines, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. It truly fantastic nature – majestic cliffs themselves fancy shades, from black to basalt, from silver to granite colors from red to purple, emerald sea with rich marine life, the most pure and transparent in Italy, white sand, so to clean and soft that is recognized as a national treasure in Italy. In Sardinia about a quarter of all Italian beaches is situarted. And this is their best quarter, believe us!
Sardinia has preserved the traces of different civilizations: Phoenician necropolis, Roman baths and amphitheatres, magnificent cathedrals and churches in Gothic style… Traces of these civilizations still overwhelmed Sardinia, making tourists surprised and amazed.

And at the same time here is the most prestigious resort in Europe – Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), a symbol of luxury living. People come here to touch respectable living, breathing a breath of luxury. This is facilitated by the luxury shops of leading fashion houses, fabulous restaurants with cuisine from around the world, marine regattas, the exclusive disco. And that there is a gorgeous beach in Baia Sardinia! There’s pink sand!
Wild horses, flamingos, seals… Here you can go fishing with great success (both day and night), wander through the mountains, to pay a visit to the Roman ruins and mysterious caves, admire the enchanting scenery, sailing, snorkeling surfing and water skiing. The sea here is worthy to dedicate his poem ! It combines the incredible shades of blue and green.

In Kalyani, the largest city on the island, is the National Archaeological Museum, where there are significant monuments of ancient culture from the Punic to Roman periods. Here you can see the place, covering the three thousand years of history. Guard towers, built of huge cameos in the form of truncated cones, Nuraghe, standing here for more than 25 centuries.
Sardinia is created to caress and cosset human tired of civilization, On Sardinia you can understand what is to enjoy nature!