7 Things you can’t miss to do and see in Menaggio - Lake of Como

Situated strategicallybetween Sondrio, Lugano, and Como is Menaggio. It is a picturesque town overlooking Lake Como on the western shores.

There are various ways to describe Menaggio. You can describe it as a town withmajestic villas and hotelsdotting the shoreline. Alternatively, you can also call it a green town with hiking paths and itineraries running from the center. The trenches and fortress from the war give this town historical significance as well.

Blend in with the locals

One of the best experiences about being on holiday in a foreign land is trying to be like the locals. Well, you can experience this right on arrival in Menaggio. All you have to do is to visit any of thevarious shops and boutiquesthat sell local items. Here, purchase some local clothing, food, and home accessories right away.

Blend with the locals further by visiting the Church of Santa Marta. This church has a beautiful interior with ancient paintings dating back to the 17th century. The paintings fill the walls, columns, and dome above the altar.

Don’t forget to check outPiazza Garibaldito enjoy some local ice cream or a cup of coffee as you enjoy seeing the beautiful views of the lake.

Check out the lake promenade

This is the ideal place when planning to chill or rent a boat. The lake promenade begins at Piazza Garibaldi. From here, you can take a relaxing walk amidst colorful houses and beautiful flower beds.

You can rent or book a boat trip from one of the various facilities on Viale Benedetto Castelli Road running along Lake Como. Look forward to exploring other beautiful areas such asVarenna and Bellagioduring the boat excursion.

Discover the old town

Menaggio is divided into the lower and upper parts. Theupper townarea maintains its medieval look. It is full of narrow alleys, stone buildings, and steep stairs. Take a step back in time with a visit to Via Castellino da Castello.

You will have to walk along enormous perimeter walls that were bordering theancient castle. Most of it is now demolished. Look forward to Senagra stream with a picturesque bridge from where to enjoy the beautiful sound from the waterfall below. Getting to the stream requires going through the narrow Via Strecium.

On the bridge is a bas-relief by Vannucci and a chapel, a dedication to the Madonna di Caravaggio.

Visit Villa Mylius Vigoni

Thinking about discovering art, nature, or literature on a Lake Como holiday? You just have to visit Loveno, the hamlet of Menaggio. This 19th-century dwelling is the home ofVilla Mylius Vigoni. A large English garden surrounds this villa built during the first half of the 19th century.

The villa has breathtaking views of Lake Como to create a truly naturalistic ambiance. Although the German-Italian Center for European Excellence currently occupies the villa, you can book a guided tour during your holiday.

To reach Villa Mylius Vigoni, walk along the footpath from Via Strecium.

Take a boat tour

Another way to enjoy Menaggio is a boat excursion. Imagine just sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the beautiful views. You have to book a private or public boat tour. A public boat service is ideal when planning a day trip to check out other locations on the lake.

You can’t regret booking a taxi boat. Being directly on the lake offers a panoramic view of the various picturesque locations. You will just have to relax in the middle of the lake as the captain tells you interesting things about the town.

Hit the beach

You can’t miss spending time relaxing on thebeach on a holiday in Menaggio. The options include Lerai public beach and Lido di Menaggio. The beach at Lido has two swimming pools and a restaurant. If you are on holiday with the kids, a playground for children is available.

Enjoy other outdoor activities

Menaggio is undoubtedly a top destination for holidaymakers because of its endlessoutdoor activities. For golf lovers, there’s the Cadenabbia Golf Club. The 18-hole golf course is located as you’re going towards Lake Lugano.

Other outdoor activities you can indulge in include: Water skiing, Mountain biking and Tough mountain hikes.

Piazza Garibaldi has a Menaggio Tourist Information Office where you can find all the information you need about local activities and sights.

Bottom line

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. When planning a holiday, Menaggio is a top destination that will give you memorable experiences. The town has a pretty lakeshore full of flowers and trees with historical buildings and spectacular views of mountains and the lake.