Villa Monastero on Como Lake – Must Visit Place

Villa Monastero is another attraction for tourists on the bank of Lake Como. But why is Villa Monasteroa must-visit place?

Villa Monastero is an old historic buildingbut is exquisitely restored for tourists and visitors. It has now turned into an International Congress Center for holding seminars and conferences.

You can enjoy the serenity of the beautiful Lake Como of Italy from this place. Thebotanical gardenon the terraces, and the peaceful sight of Lake Como, make this place sightseeing for visitors from all over the world.


Villa Monastero is located between Varennaand Fiumelatte, in the province of Lecco. It is built along the shore of the famous Como Lake and is linked with Milan city and other Lombard cities through railways. So, it is not very difficult to get there.


The historic Villa Monastero was built in the 13thcentury. It was initially the Cistercian monastery of Santa Maria and was dedicated to holy virgins.

A few centuries later, the Mornico family got ownership of this building. The family adds its touch to this place and names it Villa Leliana. After about two centuries, in 1862, the Bellagio engineer Pietro Genazzini bought this place and made some renovations. In 1869, Carolina Maumari, a noblewoman from Milan, acquired the ownership of this villa.

The villa was taken over by the Italian government in 1918. The government declaredVilla Monastero as public propertyin 1939. Since then, it has become a tourist point and conference centre in Italy.

Architecture and Built

Tourists get attracted toVilla Monastero, not only because of its beautiful scenery. But also because of its glorious past. The villa underwent multiple renovations from the 12th till 19thcentury. But the place is now restored for tourists.

The historic architecture of the villa with modern renovations makes it a center of attraction for visitors. The interior of the villa reflects the luxurious lifestyle of its noble owner in the past. This is what makes it an exquisite conference hall and reference point.

Botanical Garden

One of the main attractions of Villa Monastero is its huge botanical garden filled with rare species of plants. The plants are surrounding the villa and are extended on terraces as well.

Plant lovers must visit the villa, especially for its enriched garden. You can find rare plants from all over the world, collected in this botanical garden. The villa keeps blooming with different flowers all around the year. The credit goes to the fertile land and favourable climate of the place.

Museum Casa Museo

Another tourist attraction inVilla Monasterois the museum Casa Museo. The museum is known for its art collection.

You can find the collection of the great painter Oswaldo and legendary artist Escuela Quiteña in this museum. It is heaven for art lovers, and they spend extra euros to reach this villa and enter the museum to enjoy the work of legends.

Casa Museo is a fully furnished museum consisting of 14 rooms. It offers a gorgeous display of artistic furniture from the 18th and 19thcenturies. The high finished furniture and stunning decorations reflect the premium taste of the noble families that once lived here.


The villa has now turned into an International Congress Center. It is a crucial point for conferences, seminars, and meetings. Universities and educational institutes from around Italy prefer this spot for their ceremonies and workshops.

The beautiful interior and captivating view of Lake Como make the visitors fall in love with this place. It is definitely the best place to arrange a memorable event.

Fermi Hall is the preferred room for conferences. It is the same room that was used by Enrico Fermi, a Noble prize winner, for his physics classes. The conference hall is named Femi hall after his name.

Villa Monasterois no doubt a perfect place to visit and adorn the beauty of the past. It also offers some great recreational activities that make it a good holiday resort.

Discover Lake of Como

Lake of Como is the beautiful upside-down Y-shaped lake in the northern part of Italy. The lake has long been a center of attraction for people visiting Italy. The scenic views and serene beauty of the lake make it an ultimate vacation destination.

Villa Monasterocovers a large area on the shore of Lake of Como and offers an unobstructed view of this striking lake. The lake is loaded with natural beauty. You will get mesmerized by the sight of clear water surrounded by lush green hills all around.