Villa del Balbianello – a place of romantic allure.

Located just beyond the main site ofIsola Comacina – along the western coast of Lake Como, on the shore of a small scenic peninsula called Dosso di Lavedo – is a veritable gem: Villa del Balbianello.

Its last owner, Guido Monzino, bequeathed the Villa to theFondo Ambiente Italiano, which now lovingly manages and cares for it and allows the public to fully enjoy this treasure preserved in time.

The Villa,built in 1785at the behest of Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini, has always been a favourite haunt for writers and travellers who have found inspiration and food for thought strolling through its wonderful gardens overlooking the lake.

A unique building complex of real charm and allure, two residential buildings, and a small church with twin bell towers act as a backdrop to the loggia, from which you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view.

With its universal and evocative appeal, it has been the setting for scenes of famous films including Star Wars and James Bond.

The former owner Guido Monzino was a famous explorer, and he renovated the villa filling it with the beautiful artifacts he acquired during his many expeditions, and created the fascinating “Museum of expeditions” which you can visit at Villa del Balbianello.

Walk through its gardens and admire the handiwork of the artist gardeners ofVilla del Barbianello, or the lake bathed in the rays of the setting sun: the view from Loggia Durini is truly beautiful, taking in both Isola Comacina and the coast of Tremezzina.

Visit Villa del Balbianello

The Villa is currently managed byFondo Ambiente Italiano, and all information on visits and opening times can be found on its website (

In the area

Not far from the Villa is the village ofOssuccio, where you can take a taxi-boat to Isola Comacina. Ossuccio is worth visiting not only for its Romanesque churches but also for the Sacro Monte di Ossuccio, a Unesco World Heritage site.
The site includes 14 chapels, a Church and front porch, the Chapel of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso and the Bell Tower.

Take a Boat Cruise in Lake Como

Your visit inVilla del Balbianello should always be accompanied by an exploration of Lake Como. The lake has memorable spots that you can always narrate to people for a long time. You can use a small boat with a group of friends to watch the beautiful Villas that surround Lake Como or you can use the “Navigazione del lago di Como” public service.

What are the items that can make your visit to this place complete? Wear comfortable shoes and carry sunglasses. For adequate hydration, carry water. It is important to note that the tour continues unless in cases of extreme weather.