Laglio, the picturesque fishermens’ village on lake of Como

What to see and do in Laglio

If there is a town you can consider among the popular ones around Como Lake, it’sLaglio. It’s 15km North of the Lake. You should start your tour here when you visit this location. When you do, you are bound to enjoy nature and magnificent gardens.

Previously, only a few people knew about this location. Its popularity rose with the visit ofGeorge Clooney, the popular actor. During his visit in 2002, he made the place his residence at Villa Oleandra. It is at this point that people began viewing Laglio as a place they could visit and enjoy. The current visitors include paparazzi, people who want to satisfy their curiosity about the town, and other fans.

Not to miss in Laglio

What are the things one could enjoy when visiting Laglio?
This charming place has retained the structure of a fishing village, with steep narrow streets and handsome old buildings.
In the centre of Laglio is the 17th-century parish church of San Giorgio with its intriguing pyramid-shaped funeral monument to Joseph Franz, a doctor of the Habsburgs who came to live in Laglio at Villa Gallietta and offered free treatment to the sick who could not afford to pay.
A short walk from Villa Oleandra is the Ernesto Riva shipyard. It is a place seemingly lost in time with its shipwrights who continue to expertly craft boats that are masterpieces in their own right, such as the “Lucie”, traditional gondolas used for fishing on the lake.
The tradition of the shipyard dates back to 1771 and is still based on the values of that time.

Explore the Area of Rifugio Prabello

It is a location you shouldn’t overlook if you are visiting Laglio and Como Lake. The enchanting landscape and the sunny weather make it a location that is interesting for explorers. You can check their website for the visit.

Final words

Laglio is an interesting place to visit. Apart from enjoying the Como Lake, different locations suit you. Regardless of your interests, you can always find something that is interesting and worth engaging in.